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Influencing learning process by integrating brain structure during maturation of CNS

Nervous system represents correlation- and integration mechanism for human body functions, reactions and adaptations of the body to the environment. What is development and process of maturation through development? How do we feel, sense, experience the process of learning as ultimate force of development which is accumulated by nervous system and is run as a […]


DFA (Developmental Functional Approaches) of Pedokinetika®

Pedokinetika® based on integration of 20 years of experience in combining different knowledge with working practice of body-mass-reorganization on the basis of Physiology, Biomechanics and facts of gravity with Kinesiology, Neurobiology and Feldenkrais® method. Through the Developmental Functional Approaches (DFA) allows parents to provide their baby an optimal environment of maturation of the neuro-muscular system, […]